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Curry Wurst!

I just came back from Frankfurt Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair).

It was fantastic experience! As a beginner in this field (publishing), I have to say that I was shocked by the amount of people attending, and I have a "weird feeling / vision" in the same time about the hundred of thousands of people running in all directions the hole day haunting the money and fame! All these, beautiful, all illuminated but mercantile in the same time. All over the fair, it was an impressive (almost countless) moving of numbers, ideas, cultures, and of course, ...books!

I hope the contacts I get, will help me with the promotion of my book!

At the end, I have to "mark" the place with a nice "guilty pleasure pin" -The Curry Wurst!

...Just to remind myself that I will be in Berlin at the beginning of December!

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